Make sure to start with the basics like an account on social media platforms, a real estate website, and Google My Business listing, and then explore our ideas for a real estate marketing strategy. As a real estate professional, it is important that you think about innovative ways of marketing your company, and part of this involves using different social media platforms. Social media for business marketing has proven very helpful for engaging various audiences. Interesting blog posts, webinars, and YouTube videos shared through social media are proven ways of building engagement and getting more leads.

Posting in related social media groups also helps you to network with other professionals in your niche, leading to valuable collaborations. For example, sharing listings on social media, creating individual real estate websites, and blogging about local housing trends are all great content marketing strategies in the real estate industry. The copy on your website, blogs, social media posts, press releases, real estate listings, and even advertisements are all valuable marketing tools.

Creating a website, running a blog, developing email marketing techniques, and paying for ads in Google Ads are well-known marketing strategies for residential real estate as well as commercial properties. For real estate professionals getting their feet wet in the world of online marketing, I find that the most effective and affordable tool to get quality leads is with Google Ads (formally known as Google Adwords).

Whether you are looking to advertise your content on social media, or you are running a PPC campaign on Google Ads, you are going to achieve better results only if you have a website or landing page. You cannot launch an effective email marketing campaign without having a website. A website is not going to be as effective as it could be potentially if you do not use content marketing and post on your blog regularly.

Content marketing goes further than creating valuable, relevant content on a regular basis. To convert prospects, you are going to need to get a little more strategic about content marketing your website. Decide on a compelling content marketing strategy, and hire a writer that knows your industry to craft copy that generates interest in your services and offers, and converts readers to leads.

Your writer needs to be an expert storyteller, with an understanding of SEO, marketing, advertising, and PR, in order to produce compelling content that engages buyers, generates interest from media outlets, and ranks well in search engine results. Remember, your marketing content is an extension of your companys values and identity. Many realtors have trouble finding time to focus on implementing content, but having a content plan throughout the year, coupled with a timed marketing push, can be an excellent way to showcase yourself as a market expert.

Real estate agents are starting to put the time and energy to perfect social media marketing for real estate, creating engaging content and using social ads. Everyone–first-time homebuyers, potential buyers, and previous clients–searches for homes online, making social media and online marketing a valuable combination for real estate agents. You can buy homes that need repairs, list homes in excellent condition, and help buyers find their next homes using Facebook ads.

Starting with real estate ad ideas that are simple to implement, we are going to walk you through a series of actionable ideas that you can leverage to spread awareness, excite buyers, and help them easily find their dream home. Use your meetings to brainstorm new ideas for your clients real estate marketing campaigns, like those listed above, and offer actionable steps for growing your clients real estate business.

Since becoming the staff writer and Real Estate Coach at the Real Estate Strategy website The Close just over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to help agents at every stage of their careers tackle these challenges, helping them to come up with innovative, fresh real estate marketing ideas to save them time, spare their energy, and best of all, show a clear ROI from their investments, by producing actual leads leading to a closing sale. In the real estate business, real estate-specific marketing agencies must utilize smart real estate marketing ideas and tips to help their clients thrive, no matter what is changing in the marketplace. Virtuance recently conducted a survey with real estate agents nationwide. Real estate agents nationwide, in order to identify which marketing strategies new or experienced agents need to be using to succeed in 2022.

Of the agents surveyed by Virtuance, only 30% were using floor plans, and only 40% were using virtual tours as part of their marketing strategy. Based on data collected from Virtuance and other sources, Virtuance expects the best way to compete in the local housing market in 2022 is by implementing professional photography, social media marketing, 3-D tours, email marketing, and individual property websites. Use professional photography for your real estate listings, and use Virtuances marketing tools, including floor plans, virtual tours, single listing websites, and more, to stay on top of your real estate competition.

Single-property websites (AKA Single Listing Websites) can give agents contact information, virtual tours, photos, neighborhood information, and more for those home buyers. Single listing websites can accomplish all the above, and they can be a crucial part of a real estate agents digital marketing strategy, but only 30% of agents Virtuance surveyed are using single listing websites.

With the housing market expected to remain competitive through 2022, you are going to need to do more than publish new listings and send direct mail to grab your target clients attention. To keep a competitive edge, you will have to adapt with the times, and adjust your marketing strategies to drive leads. Having worked for more than ten years in the real estate industry, as both an agent and digital strategist to teams both big and small in large brokerages such as Coldwell Banker and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, I know the challenges that come with marketing your real estate business. Sending regular updates and marketing materials that provide value is a quick, foolproof way to connect with a potential homebuyer or seller, so that you can easily cultivate valuable relationships.

Zurple uses purpose-built real estate ads in Google, Bing, and other search engines to drive traffic to the home assessment page for potential buyers, or the search-enabled landing page for probable buyers.

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