Wilmington Chamber of Commerce

40 Under 40 Awards


The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce 40 Under 40 Awards is one of most prestigious honors for the movers, shakers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in our community. The Chamber needed content to help advertise the event on social media, and on printed newspaper. Reels, headshots, and GIFs were to be made of each recipient.


The ultimate goal was to sell out the event. Smaller goals included increasing the overall following and engagement across the Chamber's social platforms, and using the content for future needs.


LinkedIn over a 90 day period (7/10/23 - 10/7/23)
Green represents increasing metrics

Content Engagement

1594 Total Reactions

Content Engagement
Reactions 35.5%

164 Total Comments
A 209% Increase

Content Engagement
Comments 100%

82 Total Reposts

Content Engagement
Reposts 26%

Visitor Engagement

1723 Total Page Views

Visitor Engagement
Page Views 79%

688 Unique Visitors

Visitor Engagement
Unique Visitors 62%

Page Growth

4268 Total Followers

335 New Followers

Page Growth
New Followers 29%

What makes these results even more significant is that they are entirely organic.