In this scenario, deciding whether or not to hire a marketing agency instead of hiring an in-house staffer could be incredibly helpful. Deciding whether or not to hire in-house teams vs. marketing agencies can be a difficult decision. Heres a look at your options that will help you determine if it is worth hiring an in-house team or seeking out marketing company assistance.    Show Source Texts

When you take all of the factors into consideration, you may be surprised how much it costs to run your marketing in-house as opposed to with a marketing company. This is not to say hiring a full-time marketer is the best thing you can do to maximize the growth of your startup. Many businesses think doing all their marketing internally will save them money.    Show Source Texts

Many big companies have the budgets to afford big internal marketing teams, yet all work with agencies instead. That is why most big companies with big budgets still use agencies rather than (or in addition to) their in-house marketing departments.    Show Source Texts

While other parts of a business may be helpful, the person doing in-house marketing has fewer fresh ideas than a creative marketing team at an agency. It will take several hires of an in-house marketing staff to equal the collective brainpower that would come with working at an agency.    Show Source Texts

If you are not well versed in marketing, start by hiring an agency that will deliver results for you. An agency can help you strategize so that you get the most out of your marketing efforts. An agency has all of the skills needed to take your brands vision, create a marketing plan, and execute necessary tactics.    Show Source Texts

In addition to the variety in skills, experience, and experience among marketing agency employees, an agencys team can give you data-driven insights, and, perhaps most importantly, contextualize that information for your marketing and advertising. With the help of an agency, it is possible to get a team to assist in sales enablement, lead generation, lead nurturing, content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, and much more, with specialized resources dedicated to sales-enablement. However, hiring a marketing agency, you may be benefiting from decades or more of collective experience, along with specific knowledge and skills that go well beyond what an individual employee could bring to the table.    Show Source Texts

Price is a major factor to consider when hiring an agency, but agencies also bring expertise, resources, and industry knowledge an in-house team would not have. When adding an agency to your team, you are able to combine the expertise and skills of a number of individuals, keeping costs relatively low.    Show Source Texts

Hiring an agency may sound expensive at first, but when compared with the costs of hiring an entire marketing team, it is a steal. The value of a marketing agency is getting a skilled group of professionals, without having to hire them all full-time.    Show Source Texts

While we cannot guarantee the quality of every marketing agency, we can say the best ones strive to become valued partners who work alongside the clients own marketing departments, rather than replacing them. While whatever agency you hire will do everything in its power to deliver you a first-class marketing service, the reality is they have other clients that will need their time and attention too.    Show Source Texts

Depending on how much work you outsource to the agency, you could wind up spending more money upfront than if you had a full-time marketing staff. Ramp-up usually means bringing on an employee or employees to work within your internal marketing department, or hiring a marketing agency. Rather than hiring more in-house employees, a marketing agency may move its hours on retainer to cover the new projects when they come up.    Show Source Texts

Working with an agency is usually more expensive than DIY marketing or hiring an individual internal person, as the marketing agency is more experienced. When it comes to marketing, outsourcing to an agency might seem to be the most expensive option. While it might feel better in the short run with just one person on staff for marketing, in the long run, it may prove more costly.    Show Source Texts

It is best if you can afford to hire an employee or team for digital marketing. Digital marketing may not be the right fit for you and your company, so you may not have the need to hire someone.    Show Source Texts

As long as you have covered all bases digitally, then whether or not your business is hiring an agency or hiring a staff is irrelevant. Outsourcing your digital marketing has its own set of benefits, such as having a diverse pool of experts to draw on whenever needed. You can have as many or as few marketing professionals you need to help grow your business.    Show Source Texts

Another advantage of working with a digital marketing agency is the knowledge and insight that you will be able to get out of their guidance, should you choose to take your efforts in-house, or choose to hire a marketing manager to take on your workflow. While the do-it-yourself option may be tempting, there is always value to hiring a marketing team that has the time, resources, and talent to make your brand a reality.    Show Source Texts

Hiring the right marketing staff is challenging, especially for smaller companies hoping to hire one person that can take on a multitude of duties that span across a multitude of digital channels. Bringing in a comparable marketing staff is not an option for smaller companies.    Show Source Texts

While in-house teams must be paid on a regular basis, agencies can either be hired as permanent partners or hired on an individual basis. Hiring in-house is best when you know what you need and you can afford to wait for a perfect match, but outside of that, going with an agency can give you the necessary talent, expertise, and velocity to speed up growth and improve the chances that your startup will succeed.    Show Source Texts

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