1 Social Post = 1lb of Plastic Removed from The Ocean

We love calling Wilmington, NC home! One of the reasons  we love living, and working here is because of the overall beauty of the coastal region. We want to keep our beaches beautiful for generations to come. To do that, Socialry Marketing is pledging to donate time and money to 4Ocean for every social media post we distribute online. An email blast sent out equals a donation. A posted photo on Instagram equals a donation. A Tik Tok distributed equals a donation. The more we post, the more money goes towards helping remove plastic from the ocean. Let us manage social media for your business. You’ll be happy knowing that we are helping your business grow, and we’re making a difference.

The 4Ocean Plastic Offset Program states that 1lb of plastic removed from the ocean is equivalent to a $2 donation. Therefore, for every social media post that Socialry Marketing distributes, they will be making a $2 donation to 4Ocean.

What is 4Ocean?

4ocean is an ocean cleanup company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis. As a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, we harness the power of business to fund a global cleanup operation that’s responsible for recovering millions of pounds of plastic and trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

Learn More About 4Ocean: https://www.4ocean.com/

Learn More About 4Ocean’s Plastic Offset Program: https://www.4ocean.com/pages/plastic

Why Are Plastic Offset Programs Beneficial?

Plastic offset programs contribute significantly to the ongoing fight against plastic pollution and promotion of sustainability. Plastic offset programs mitigate the negative environmental impact of plastic consumption by supporting initiatives that reduce plastic pollution and encourage recycling.

The ability of plastic offset to incentivize businesses and individuals to take responsibility for their plastic consumption is one of its primary benefits. Companies can demonstrate their commitment to reducing their plastic footprint and investing in sustainable practices by participating in plastic offset programs. Consumers increasingly value businesses that prioritize environmental stewardship, so this can enhance their reputation and brand image. Moreover, plastic offset programs allow consumers to support and engage with companies that are actively working to combat plastic pollution, nurturing a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Additionally, plastic offset contributes to the advancement of recycling technologies and infrastructure. Plastic offset programs stimulate innovation in the field by funding projects aimed at enhancing recycling capabilities. This can contribute to the development of more efficient and effective recycling processes, facilitating the recycling of plastic waste and reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills or the environment. This ultimately facilitates the transition to a circular economy in which plastic is reused and recycled, thereby reducing the demand for new plastic production.

Moreover, plastic offset programs offer a practical remedy to the plastic pollution crisis. Plastic offset initiatives directly contribute to cleaning up and restoring marine ecosystems by investing in projects that remove and collect plastic debris from oceans and waterways. This not only helps protect marine life and preserve biodiversity, but also protects the health of our oceans, which play an essential role in regulating the Earth’s climate and providing essential resources.

In conclusion, plastic offset programs offer numerous significant advantages. They encourage businesses and individuals to assume responsibility for their plastic consumption, promote innovation in recycling technologies, and contribute directly to cleaning and restoring marine ecosystems. Collectively, we can reduce plastic pollution and create a more sustainable future if we participate in plastic offset initiatives.