• Jack Fleming

Social Media Advertising | Using Videos and How Long They Should Be

Socialry Marketing’s Jack Fleming says, “Based on our advertising efforts we like to keep Facebook video ads to be about 2-3 minutes max. We truly feel that if you can’t portray what is needed in that time-frame, maybe a video ad isn’t right for you.

The length of videos in terms of engagement does matter for a few reasons. One top reason is retargeting.

For most cases, we use videos as the broad advertisement for the business. Videos do get the most engagement in general anyways. Then, we retarget people who viewed the video for an extended period of time.

This does two things. For one, it helps qualify the lead more. If they watch more of the video they’ll most likely be more attached to the brand, product, or service. Two, it sets up those retargeting campaigns. Those people who viewed the video will then be targeted with ads like client testimonials, or product sales, and are more inclined to purchase.

The second reason is shorter videos fit consumers’ attention spans. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and I can tell you without a doubt that a 1-minute long ad will do better than one that’s 30 minutes (we’ve seen this on YouTube specifically).”

Read full article: https://databox.com/facebook-video-ad-length

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