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Belief and Faith in Biz | Matt Ham | Process Over Profit | Episode #6

Matt Ham, an author and successful entrepreneur, graduated from North Carolina State University in 2009 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering, and later on went to receive his master’s in mechanical engineering from Columbia University from 2009-2010. After suffering marital issues and infertility in 2009, Matt was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. In response to these struggles, Matt began his journey to found YouPrint.

YouPrint was founded in 2016 with Matt Ham along with co-founder Kevin Adams. YouPrint is a personal growth organization that was founded to help people on their paths of life and help individuals live the way they were meant to. The company has a range of clients from non-profits to religious groups. The company now flourishes with a LIFE Center charitable organization that people can donate to and podcasts including “Wake Up Our Faith” and “Faith in Business”.

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